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About Us

Our company, Swag-Savvy, was formed in early 2016 during a brain-storming session to discuss a business venture between two sisters and their daughter/niece. The story begins In the early 2000s when one sister started running as a hobby while training with her son, who was on his high school cross-country team at that time. She started to join charity groups to train for marathons and to raise money for the various charities. As a result, running became her passion and part of the race experience was the bib number, which is used to identify individuals during races. Since that time, she has always wondered if there was a better way to adhere the bib number to her person without using the provided safety pins that always stuck her fingers and tended to ruin her clothing. The other sister was inspired by her tenacity for running but did not seek out the sport until recent years.  She too wondered if there was a better way to adhere the bib number especially after sticking her fingers with the provided safety pins and ruining her race shirts. 

After mentioning this problem to their daughter/niece and brain-storming, the idea of The Runzie was formulated. The daughter/niece created the prototype of The Runzie and also developed the idea for the muff. The name Runzie was created from another brain-storming session. After several ideas for names, we finally came up with The Runzie. The name not only stood out as being catchy but also uniquely relates to the product itself. We choose Swag-Savvy as the name of the company because the items that individuals generally receive when they sign-up for races include various items that are commonly referred to as swag. Hence, Swag-Savvy denotes the swag that racers receive as well as the “savvyiness” of our product.

Runzie products are manufactured in the USA!

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